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Viwa Vitamin water

Vitamin water is a new generation of functional drinks for people living an active, health conscious lifestyle. They bear the advantages of both water and soft drinks – are refreshing, low in calories, have unique fruity flavours and contain vitamins that are essential for a healthy life.


Glutena free & Vegan

Our gluten-free snacks are prepared with the greatest care using only natural raw materials. We never use any artificial flavor enhancers, preservatives, so our snacks are truly good and natural. ABY products are all natural and made with joy.


Luce Energy 

Luce Energy Drink from Malta was created by Italian designers. Our main aim was not just to establish another energy drink but to be different from other brands. That’s why we came up with the idea of placing comics on the side of every can. 



MOXY bcaa+ Energy Drink  is a new designed BCAA Energy Drink. It has the same taste, nutritional value and effects, but we changed its packaging. However, it is the same functional energy drink for athletes in a can.


Sunvita Fruit Snack Bars

Sunvita Fruit Snack Bars are a delicious, convenient way to get real fruit every day.
We believe that snacks don’t need an endless list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients to taste good.

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Aloe Vera Drink

The OKF Aloe Vera King is the world’s no. 1 selling aloe drink made of natural ingredients and pure aloe gel. I have come across this product called OKF Aloe Vera King aloe drink. At first, I couldn’t imagine how an aloe vera drink taste like so I got curious.



Extruded lentils with onion and pepper are a new offering by Biopont. This snack is suitable for people with gluten sensitivity or for vegetarians; munch it between meals or just for pleasure!

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Dutch Premium Cheese

Goat cheese with fenugreek is a golden combination. The characteristic taste of goat cheese combined with the nutty taste of the fenugreek seeds is unsurpassed.

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Smart Vitamin 

Smart Vitamin products have been brought to life by the innovative mindset that a soft drink can be much more than a delicious thirst quencher or an enjoyment item.

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Tchibo Coffee

Tchibo coffee experts sustainably source the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee. Choose from whole beans, filter coffee and capsules for all taste profiles.

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hoches C PLUS supports you in a natural and delicious way to do a little more every day for your individual well-being - quite simply with 100% juice!

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4Move Active Vitamin Drink 250Ml

Carbonated lime and lemon flavoured drink with addition of magnesium vitamins (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12).

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