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Viwa Vitaminwater Body Pro

Viwa Vitaminwater Body Pro

Orange-passion  fruit flavoured vitamin water for the overall inside and outside regeneration of the body.


Aloe Vera: It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredient, is a great detoxifier and encourages the cell reproduction.

Zinc: May effectively reduce inflammation, boost immune health, and helps your skin heal. – 90% NRV

Vitamin C: Also known as ascorbic acid helps to protect cells and keeping them healthy, while maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. – 300% NRV

Vit. B1 has a positive  effect on the nervous system, lifts the energy level of the cells. Vit. B6 is responsible for the correction of the metabolism, the strengthening of the immune system. Vit. B12 is responsible for good muscle function, has a good effect on coping with stress and helps positive thinking. Vit. B7 strengthens hair, skin and nails. Each Vitamin B is 120% NRV!


Only 54 calories / bottle!

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