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Smart Vitamin (Pomegranate flavor)

Smart Vitamin (Pomegranate flavor)

Smart Vitamin products have been brought to life by the innovative mindset that a soft drink can be much more than a delicious thirst quencher or an enjoyment item. In the world of smart devices, the demand for smart foods has also developed, so the SMART VITAMIN was born. In the spirit of awareness, we have selected the ingredients to properly adapt to the changes caused by the accelerated world. This is how Smart Vitamin became an energy-free “smart” functional drink with added value.

  • Zinc


    It contributes to the maintenance of proper mental functioning

    Maintains healthy bones

    It helps maintain the proper condition of hair and skin

    It supports the functioning of the immune system

    Maintains normal acid-base balance

  • Stevia and sucralose

    Drinks containing stevia or Sucralose cause lower increase in blood sugar level than other drinks containing sugar

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