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Old cheese with relatively little salt

Old cheese with relatively little salt

The Oude Tolbrug (Old Toll Bridge) is a real old cheese. About 16 months of maturation time ensures an ultimate taste and beautiful white crystals in the dairy. The cheese gets a thin crust so that the cheese can breathe properly, and nature can take its course. Only the best cheeses are allowed to bear the name “Oude Tolbrug”. You can taste this in the delicious taste of “Oude Tolbrug”. A cheese with character whose taste lingers! Oude Tolbrug contains less than 2 grams of salt per 100 grams of cheese, which is relatively little for a real old cheese.

To give the cheese a distinctive appearance, this cheese is coated black. This creates a traditional look, and this makes the cheese stand out well on the shelf.

The name Oude Tolbrug refers to the toll bridge from Nieuwerbrug. This bridge is around the corner from our warehouse in Woerden. This toll bridge is also shown on the label. Since this cheese is prepared according to authentic recipe of Treur Kaas, we wanted a name that really refers to the origin of this cheese. And that is how this delicious old cheese was born!

  • Ingredients

    Pasteurized cow's milk (NL), salt, starter culture, animal rennet, preservative E251, colorant E160a

  • Allergens

    Milk protein

  • Fat content

    48% F.I.D.M.

  • Size

    16 kg

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