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MOXY power (Mango-maracuja)

MOXY power (Mango-maracuja)

  • MOXY power+ Energy Drink is a sugar-free energy drink that contains 2.5 g of BCAA, l-carnitine, taurine, vitamins and an increased amount of caffeine

  • MOXY power+ Energy Drink is a sugar-free energy drink that contains only 13 calories. Its unique formula consists of 2.5 g of BCAA, 180 mg of caffeine, a natural fat burner l-carnitine, taurine, vitamin C and B vitamins. It is characterized by great taste and effects that you will appreciate especially before training, at work, while driving or while studying.     

  • BCAA amino acids are among the building blocks of proteins that contribute to muscle growth and maintenance. Increased caffeine content effectively promotes endurance and sports performance while improving focus and concentration. The complex of vitamins C and B contributes to the metabolism important for energy production and thus relieves fatigue and exhaustion. Indulge in this new energy formula whenever you need an energy boos and get the most out of yourself.

  • Ingredients

    • Mango-maracuja: water, carbon dioxide, taurine (0.4%), L-leucine (0.38%), acid (citric acid), L-isoleucine (0.19%), L-valine (0.19) %), L-carnitine, flavorings, caffeine (0.055%), vitamins (vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin B12), sweetener (sucralose), colorants: E102, E124. E102, E124: May have adverse effects on children's activity and attention.      

  • Nutrition table


    Nutritional values (mango-maracuja)

    1 serving (330 ml)

    Energy value

    56 kJ/13 kcal


    0 g


    0 g 


    0 g


    2.31 g


    0 g


    2500 mg


    400 mg


    180 mg

    Vitamin C

    79.2 mg

    Pantothenic acid

    5.94 mg

    Vitamin B6

    1.39 mgg


    49.5 mcg

    Vitamin B12

    2.48 mcg

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