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Luce Energy

Luce Energy

Luce Energy Drink from Malta was created by Italian designers. Our main aim was not just to establish another energy drink but to be different from other brands. That’s why we came up with the idea of placing comics on the side of every can. 


We started with 4 stories, right now 12 different comics was placed on Luce. With this unique idea our product is a collectible item. You can see some of our comics in attachment. 


Comics can be related to the targeted market, it can tell a story about the country, about a collaborated brand, about a nation sport, culture, etc. This unique feature can be the advantage in any market against the competitors. 


Luce is manufactured in one of the biggest and newest factory in Europe. Thanks to the use of the most modern equipment, the highest quality raw materials and high technologies, Luce is produced with incomparable quality.

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