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COMPUTHERM MP400 and MP420 Sewage lifting unit

COMPUTHERM MP400 and MP420 Sewage lifting unit

The COMPUTHERM MP400 (for faecal-free wastewater) and MP420 (for faecal and faecal-free wastewater) drain lifts are designed for indoor drainage where the wastewater is generated far from and / or deeper than the main sewage tube and therefore cannot be drained into the sewage system by gravity.

The devices have a 450 W built-in wastewater pump with a maximum of 100 l/min waterflow that allows the gravitationally collected wastewater from the household (toilet, washbasin, washing machine, shower, etc.) to be lifted and transported to a maximum of 8 m vertical height and / or a maximum of 80 m horizontal distance.

  • COMPUTHERM MP400 and MP420

    Technical parameters:

    • Max. flow: 100 l/min
    • Max. vertical delivery: 8 m
    • Max. horizontal delivery: 80 m
    • Nominal width of suction pipe: 1 x Ø100 mm (in case of the model MP420) and 3 x Ø40 mm
    • Nominal width of delivery pipe: Ø23/28/32/44 mm
    • Motor performance: 450 W
    • Working voltage: 230 V AC; 50 Hz
    • Protection against environmental impacts: IPX4


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