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COMPUTHERM CPA20-6; CPA25-6 Energy class A circulation pump

COMPUTHERM CPA20-6; CPA25-6 Energy class A circulation pump

The CPA low-energy circulation pumps are designed for the circulation of water in one-pipe, two-pipe, radiator-based and underfloor heating systems. The permanent-magnet motor and the modern electronic control of the pump enables the pump to adapt its performance to the current needs of the heating system automatically. Because of this, the energy consumption of these pumps are significantly lower than the consumption of conventional pumps, and they are classified as Energy Efficiency Class A pumps


    • Working voltage: 230 V AC; 50/60 Hz
    • Max. medium temperature: +2 °C – +110 °C
    • Max. working pressure: 10 bar
    • Max free air temperature: max. 40 °C
    • Max. head: 6 m
    • Max. flow: 2,8 m3/h (CPA20-6), 3,2 m3/h (CPA25-6)
    • Nominal width: G 1” (CPA20-6); 1½” (CPA25-6)
    • Port to port length: 130 mm (CPA20-6); 180 mm (CPA25-6)
    • Motor performance: 5-45 W
    • Energy label: “A”
    • Insulation label: H
    • Type of the motor: induction motor
    • Material of the motor: cast iron
    • Material of the runner: PES
    • Noise level: max. 45 dB
    • EEI: ≤ 0.23
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