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The Finest Quality Products At Great Prices

When you are looking to offer the finest European products to customers around the globe, establishing a long-lasting partnership with a reliable supplier is the key to capitalizing on such a prolific yet under-served demographic. 

That is where Goldenire Import Supply Chain comes in.

As your trusted supplier of healthy food, drinks, and other products, we will deliver exceptional food products your valued customers crave, at a price that will help your business skyrocket. 

Our Experience

We source, collect and distribute the finest Central European food and drink products for companies just like yours through our direct business partnerships with the manufacturers who actually supply Central Europe with such items. 

Customized Product Options

Since we work directly with manufacturers, we have the unique ability to customize your product options on the fly.


You don’t have months to wait on a shipment. Your establishment needs high-quality food and drinks now.


Your profit margin is how you stay open, and we aim to maximize it. 


If you haven’t noticed already, our company is built on serving you, first.


About Us

At Goldenire Imports, our unique connections and dedication to quality allow us to deliver innovative products with exceptional profit margins. We can offer products that others simply can’t, and we can do so in a way that simply isn’t achievable without our dedication to providing the best service possible.


 If you need a variety of flavored seltzer waters, sans a particular flavor, we can do that without any hassles. If you need a certain pre-cooked dish with a little something extra, we can handle that, too. Everything we source is able to be customized to suit your needs.